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In the Wheelhouse

The (usually) not-so-thrilling adventures of a Safe/Sea Rescue Boat Captain.

Thanks to an Industry Leader

Pete Andrews - Monday, March 09, 2009
Avast ye landlubbers and prepare to be boarded! Seems about the right caption for this somewhat scary looking guy, right? Well, looks can be deceiving! The man at the podium is Capt. John Aydelotte, a Vessel Assist company owner from Whidbey Island, Washington.

Capt. John is one of the unique personalities in our business. He's been assisting boaters on the west coast since 1978 and running his own boatyard as well.

But, what's with the spyglass? Well, Capt. John likes to style himself as rather salty, with just a dash of pirate thrown in for good measure. So, when John was retiring from C-Port's Board of Directors at this year's annual conference, the association presented him with a spyglass worthy of his image!

Many thanks for your years of service to C-Port and our industry, Cap. We all appreciate the work you've done, and continue to do for the association.

Check out Capt. John's website here

The 2009 C-Port Conference

Pete Andrews - Tuesday, February 17, 2009
One of my most important duties during the winter here at Safe/Sea is attending the annual C-Port Conference. C-Port is the national trade association for the marine assistance industry, an organization created over 20 years ago to promote professionalism in our industry and to give a voice to our industry with the rulemakers in Washington that write the regulations affecting towing companies that provide assistance to recreational boaters in the entire U.S. About 200 marine assistance companies belong to the organization, and there were around 150 attendees at this year's conference, which was held in Destin, FL.

The conference included a presentation by Captain Richard Moore, President of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA); a keynote address from Captain David McBride, Chief of the Office of Search and Rescue, US Coast Guard Headquarters (pictured at right), and an address by Captain Dean Lee, Chief of Staff, Seventh Coast Guard District. My readers might remember seeing Capt. Lee interviewed by major tv news networks regarding the man-overboard case involving the loss of a woman from a cruise ship earlier this winter.

While the official meetings themselves are very valuable, the high points of this conference are always the more informal events, like the banquet and this year's attendee organized (thanks, Keith!) Super Bowl Party, that give all of us boat drivers a chance to get to know each other better by swapping stories and exchanging ideas on how to better run our businesses. I want to personally thank both Capt. McBride and Capt. Lee not only for their time and effort expended attending the conference, but also for taking the extra time to socialize with us and getting to know the people in our industry on a personal basis (that's me with Capt. Lee in the picture above).

The people that make up the marine assistance industry are a diverse lot, and I'll be profiling one of the most interesting personalities of the bunch next week, so be sure to check back here after the weekend!

What do you do all winter?

Pete Andrews - Monday, January 26, 2009
It's one of the most frequent questions customers ask me every year. Most of my time so far this winter has been getting this new web site created and launched. Having managed to get this project done on time, this week is the apex of my winter Safe/Sea activities.

On Thursday, the Providence Boat Show begins at the RI Convention Center in downtown Providence. Safe/Sea always has a big presence at the show, as we bring one of our towboats as the centerpiece of our display. We also bring a full computer setup so that we can take and process memberships on site at the show. Obviously, this takes a major organizational effort and extensive planning. In fact, our planning for the show begins before Thanksgiving every year, and our whole staff has been prepping for the event for several months.

The other major events of my winter schedule are our industry's national trade association annual meeting and the annual national TowBoatUS convention, both of which take place this week as well. Normally, the Providence Boat Show is held the first or second week after New Year's, but the show was scheduled later this year, and has overlapped our industry meetings, meaning that I have to be in two places at once.

Naturally, this isn't possible, so I'll be attending the first day of the boat show on Thursday, then jumping on a plane to head to Florida for our industry meetings over the weekend. Unfortunately, this means our boat show crew will be a little shorthanded for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the show with Capt. John and myself in Florida, but Capt. Phil, Capt. Andy and Nick will be available and ready to meet any and all of our members who come visit us!

Safe/Sea has always been a technological leader in the Quick Response Marine Assistance Industry, and I will be making a presentation on the use of the latest technological developments to make companies like ours more efficient at our trade association meeting. Some of the things I'll be covering are our use of a new voice over internet marine radio system, on board towboat video systems, and the custom computer/SMS/email based dispatching system that I developed last year and Safe/Sea used successfully throughout the 2008 season.

Hopefully, I'll have my iPhone-to-blog gateway working again by Thursday so I can fire off some show photos and keep you updated on our industry meetings as well. There's lots of personalities there that are worth a post or two! ;-)

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