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Air Show Weekend Wrap-Up

Pete Andrews - Thursday, July 02, 2009

As just about every boater in Rhode Island knows, last weekend was air show weekend off Quonset. Normally, that mean lots of sunshine, southerly breezes and towing. However, the awful weather we've been having continues to put a damper on the onset of summer.

Last Friday was started off pretty well, as I got the job in the first picture at right around 1300. Willie was hanging around, so he hopped on the boat with me for a trip to Oakland Beach. We had to hurry a bit, as the customer had cut away his anchor to head in (as it was fouled) and then found himself broken down with a hook. Murphy demonstrates his law again! We got there with a few minutes to spare before the 23' Penn Yan was going to hit the beach. Later in the evening, I was sent back toward Greenwich Bay, but the customer restarted before I arrived.

Saturday turned out to be a pretty normal airshow day. Capt. Phil was on the Safe/Sea Titan with the Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team paramedics onboard, patrolling the spectator fleet to provide any needed emergency medical services, so he was out of the towing scene for the day. I went to Point Judith and was soon brought north to the bay for the 23' North Coast in the second picture at right, disabled just south of the Newport Bridge, going back to Clark Boat Yard.

Soon after I finished up at Clark, I was sent to the north side of the Air Show spectator fleet for the disabled 27' Bayliner in the third picture. She was headed back to Warwick Cove Marina. Before I could even finish that job, I had the 38' Chris Craft in the fourth picture waiting for me. He had broken his steering, which, as you can tell from the way he's towing behind me, was stuck a bit to starboard. He was just outside the entrance to Greenwich Cove, going back to Warwick Cove. After completing these two jobs, I was headed back to Point Judith to put away the Safe/Sea Point Judith for the night.

However, as soon as I returned to our office, I was underway again, this time in the Safe/Sea Salvor, to retreive a 25 Stingray off Hog Island Light. I was there in short order, and we headed for Pirate Cove Marina in the Tiverton Basin. Picture number four is us going under the Mt. Hope Bridge at about 20 knots or so.

On our way under the highway bridge at the north end of the basin, I snapped the final picture of the day; two moron tennage boys that had decided it would be fun to swim across the heavily trafficked nav channel that had about a 3 knot current running, and climb onto one of the nav aids. Some guy in a skiff retreived them, and the harbormaster presented them with a $150 ticket, I'm told. At least they didn't drown.

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