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The (usually) not-so-thrilling adventures of a Safe/Sea Rescue Boat Captain.

Upper Bay Action

Pete Andrews - Friday, May 21, 2010

Suffice to say that anyone who's been paying attention to the Rhode Island Boating scene this week is sick of seeing the horrid story of last Saturday night's debacle at Despair Island replayed over and over, so I'm going to gloss right over Sunday's main job and continue on with the more routine aspects of my week of boat driving. If anybody has any question they want to ask about the accident recovery job, leave me a comment, and I'll try to answer it, but please don't ask about the accident itself because I wasn't there, and I don't know exactly what happened.

Rumor has it that the striper action continues in the Upper Bay, north of Conimicut, and our job log bears that fact out. A full 40% of our cases originated north of Conimicut Light this week, and I delivered no less than 3 customers back to the India Point Ramp myself. It's been a busy early season for us so far. In fact, our number of jobs hasn't been this high this early since 2006.

Here's one of my India Point runs from earlier this week. I like it up there, as it's almost always a mill pond.

The Proline below was fishing just off Rocky Point and she needed to go back to Haines Park. Unfortunately, I was on my way back from another India Point run, and I was driving our smaller single-engine boat, the Safe/Sea Titan, and thus couldn't high-speed this job. Oh well, it wasn't far anyway...

As a final note this week, it looks like a busy weekend coming up, as the boating weather looks pretty darn good. One of our boats will be at the boating safety extravaganza at Brewer Cove Haven Marina on Saturday as long as it's not needed on the bay to tow customers, so stop by and see us if you're in the area. Also, there's a big dinghy racing regatta off Wickford happening Saturday and Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of single and double handed in the lower West Passage. Otherwise, have a great boating weekend and here's hoping you just wave at us as we pass by!

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Pete Andrews - Friday, September 18, 2009

Seeing as school had already started before the Labor Day Weekend this year, it was slightly less busy on the water than usual. However, the weather was fantastic... sunny, warm and calm. Following is a picture from each day of my weekend.

I had the Point Judith duty on Saturday. This long-time member was 27 nautical miles southeast of the Point needing a jumpstart after fishing for most of the day. Jobs like this are when I *really* appreciate the extra-calm weather. Twenty-four miles out, twenty-four miles back, and about 3 minutes to get him going. I ended up with 4 jobs around the Point that day.

Sunday found me zipping around upper Narragansett Bay, doing mostly high-speed work. Bullock's Cove was the destination of choice this day, as I was in and out of there at least 3 times. Another beautiful calm day, ideal for getting stuff done in a hurry.

I finished the weekend as the morning boat again, and again found myself in the upper Bay doing mostly short jobs. There were a couple early on, and then a nice family in a sailboat going back to (where else?) Bullock's Cove. It's amazing how jobs clump together sometimes. I hadn't spent a whole lot of time going there this season, but then get at least 5 jobs ending there in one weekend. Anyway, these folks were very friendly, and had a great weekend in Dutch Harbor.

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