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Safe/Sea Automatic Renewal Program

Each year, Safe/Sea sends thousands of renewal letters to members, consuming hundreds of pounds of paper. In our efforts to stay current in the technological age and conserve the environment, Safe/Sea is pleased to announce the introduction of Automatic Renewal. This new program is the easiest, most convenient way to renew your Safe/Sea membership. With Automatic Renewal, members will no longer need to worry if their boat is covered before leaving the dock.  

In addition to providing peace of mind, Automatic Renewal can also save you money. When you sign up to have your membership renewed automatically, you lock in your current Safe/Sea membership rate for three years.

As an added incentive, Safe/Sea will send you up to four free tickets to the Providence Boat Show just for signing up for Automatic Renewal, a $48 value. The number of tickets available is limited, so you may have to act quickly. (As of January 16, we have given away all the free tickets available.)

Signing up for automatic renewal is easy and, best of all, will cost you nothing until your next renewal is due. Simply click here to be redirected to our online automatic renewal form.

If you have any questions, please review our FAQ below, call us at 401-295-8711 or fill out our online contact form, whichever is easier for you!

Safe/Sea Automatic Renewal FAQ

Q. Is there any charge for enrolling in Automatic Renewal?
A. No. You will only be charged for your renewal 30 days before your membership expires.

Q. Will my membership price increase at any time during my participation Automatic Enrollment?
A. No, enrollment in Safe/Sea Automatic Renewal guarantees that your membership price will remain the same for the entire three-year participation period.

Q. Can I cancel my enrollment in the Automatic Renewal program?
A. Yes, you can cancel your participation in this program at any time, and at no charge.

Q. How long does enrollment last?
A. Enrollment in Automatic Renewal lasts for three years. At the conclusion of three years, you will be eligible to re-enroll.

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