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Anchor First, Ask Questions Later!

An article by Captain Kent Dresser, 

When a vessel becomes disabled, a prudent skipper’s thoughts will turn to getting the vessel anchored quickly. Getting the anchor down and set is the first step towards stabilizing the situation and is your first line of defense from ending up on a lee shore. Even if there is enough sea-room to drift for a period of time, anchoring your disabled vessel is always a smart thing to do. You can always weigh your options later. Anchoring allows you to have a stable platform to troubleshoot, remain in a constant position to facilitate those coming to your assistance in locating you, and it prevents your vessel from drifting into an even larger problem. If you are disabled in a busy channel or shipping lane and there is adequate water depth outside of the channel it is reasonable to allow yourself to drift to a safer area, but aside from such special situations, getting the anchor down when you are disabled should be a priority!

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