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Safe/Sea 90 Membership Terms & Conditions

Towing Benefits:

Safe/Sea will provide free towing for a member's vessel if it becomes disabled, runs out of fuel, or has a dead battery while away from the member vessel’s home dock or mooring. The member's vessel will be restarted or towed to its home dock, mooring, or port of the member’s choice in Rhode Island Waters when the member vessel’s disablement occurs in Rhode Island Waters.

Rhode Island Waters are defined as Narragansett Bay (including Mt. Hope Bay, the Providence River, Sakonnet River, Seekonk River, and Taunton River), a 25 nautical mile radius of Beavertail Point, RI, and up to 25 nautical miles south of Block Island, RI.

If a member's vessel becomes disabled outside the above defined waters, Safe/Sea will arrange and pay for towing service to the nearest safe port if commercial service is available within 25 nautical miles of the member vessel’s disablement. This coverage applies only if the member vessel or her operator contacts Safe/Sea and is authorized by Safe/Sea to accept service from a commercial service other than Safe/Sea. This out-of-area coverage is for up to $4,000.00 per year with no per incident limit.

One vessel is covered per membership. Membership is activated at 11:59 PM on the day payment is received by Safe/Sea unless other arrangements are made.

Safe/Sea will provide a basic BoatU.S. membership as part of the Safe/Sea 90 membership.


Safe/Sea membership covers one-half (50%) of the cost of Safe/Sea's customary service rates when service is provided at the member vessel’s home dock or mooring.

Commercial vessels and vessels over 50 feet in length are not covered, except by special programs. Call us for details.

Disablements pre-dating membership are not covered.

Safe/Sea membership does not provide any free towing when the member vessel is damaged and that damage is covered by the member vessel's hull insurance. In such a circumstance, the member agrees to submit Safe/Sea's towing invoice (based on Safe/Sea's customary rates) to the member vessel's insurer, and pay any recovery from the insurer relating to the towing service directly to Safe/Sea.

Safe/Sea membership does not cover the salvage of member vessels. Salvage is normally covered by your vessel’s hull insurance policy. Salvage is defined as any situation in which a vessel is in danger or foreseeable danger of loss in whole or part. Examples of Salvage situations include, but are not limited to vessels that are sunk, burning, taking on water, aground, beached, and unmanned vessels running free.


Safe/Sea reserves the right to terminate the membership of any vessel at any time for any reason. Termination is effective immediately upon written or verbal notice given to the owner or operator of the member vessel by a representative of Safe/Sea, except if the member vessel is underway, in which case termination of membership is effective upon the member vessel reaching safe port. Safe/Sea will refund any unused portion of the terminated member’s membership fee.

At its sole discretion, Safe/Sea reserves the right to decline to provide service due to weather conditions or safety concerns. Due to winter weather safety concerns, service is not available north of Norfolk, VA from December 1 through March 1.


"Safe/Sea responded promptly, and efficiently secured and towed my Hinckley Bermuda 40 yawl to Brewer Cowesett Yacht Yard. [My breakdown was] due to a diesel start problem. The captain from Safe/Sea was professional, clear in directions, and safe in handling both his vessel and mine. I'd use no other service. Period. Thank you for being the best in Rhode Island!"

"The equipment was superb and the captain was well experienced in using it. As a member for many years it was my first breakdown. I will continue to be a member and encourage others to join."

"Folks - I cant say enough good about my experience with your company. I have always paid my towing insurance with the knowledge that it would someday pay off and boy, did it ever! All I can say is thank you for being there and providing the prompt and professional service you did. From the response center to the captain of the Salvor thank you all from the crew and family aboard LUNASEA."

More About Safe/Sea

Our Fleet

The Safe/Sea Fleet consists of six purpose built rescue towboats that combine the latest hull, propulsion, and navigation technologies to provide the safest and fastest boat towing, salvage, and assistance services possible to our customers.

Our Staff

The Safe/Sea Staff is a highly experienced and dedicated team that is committed to providing our customers the excellent service that they have come to expect.

Our Communications Center

The Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center is stocked with the latest telephone, radio, and internet communications technologies, giving our staff the tools they need to dispatch assistance resources quickly and efficiently.

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