The Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center


In March, 2021, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center moved into new space on Old Baptist Road in North Kingstown, RI. Our new offices offer us more space and better internet connectivity, which has become increasingly important for all of our communications systems.

Our mailing address remains the same as it has always been (see the bottom of this page); however, should you want to visit our new communications center, please come to 300 Old Baptist Road North Kingstown, RI 02852. The Safe/Sea Fleet continues to be berthed at Brewer’s Wickford Cove Marina on A Dock.

Communications Systems

Over the winter of 2007-2008, Safe/Sea completed the transition of our communications system to voice over internet (VoIP) technology. In the past, our high-site VHF radios were connected to our Emergency Response Center using leased telephone lines; now, our sites are all connected over the internet, allowing full control and usage of our marine radio systems anywhere we have an internet connection.

Information Systems

All Safe/Sea information systems are hosted on Apple Macintosh computer systems using a custom application developed over many years by Capt. Pete Andrews. Our extensive database places all information necessary for our on duty dispatcher to quickly process any transaction or request for assistance from our customers efficiently.

Once a call for assistance is received, our dispatcher enters the necessary information for our response into our database system and then simply presses an on-screen button that sends all the information to the responding captain’s Apple iPhone via text-message and email, including a Google Maps link that lets the captain plot the casualty’s position by simply tapping his screen. This system has been in use since April 2008 and proven exceptionally effective.

erc front
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