Safe/Sea Free Action Boat Photo Program

Enhance your boating lifestyle with this fun member benefit!

The Safe/Sea Free Action Boat Photo Program (FABP) is one of our most popular member benefits every season. As a boat owner, you know that it's hard to great a great photo of your boat while it's underway; after all, you're busy driving!

Held every boating season, the FABP gives Safe/Sea Members the opportunity to have professional photos taken of their boat underway, away from the dock. This year's photo shoot is held in Narragansett Bay, off the north end of Conanicut Island (Jamestown). In alternating years, another shoot is held in the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge so that our Point Judith members don't have to make the voyage to the bay to participate.

How it works

To have your picture taken, simply proceed to the designated area on the correct day between 1000 and 1400 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and hail the "Safe/Sea Photo Boat" on VHF radio channel 18A. You will need to provide the photo boat with your Safe/Sea Membership Number, which is printed on your membership card. You will then receive instructions from our photographer over the radio.

Once your picture is taken and processed, we will post downloadable picture files for you on our website, free of charge! You will also have the opportunity to order prints and enlargements via SmugMug, if you wish.