Safe/Sea Helpline Newsletter

Our Safe/Sea Helpline Newsletter is published periodically to keep our members informed about what's happening on the Rhode Island boating scene. Safe/Sea Helpline has proven to be very popular with our members over the 15+ years that it's been published. The June issue of the Safe/Sea Helpline is mailed directly to every Safe/Sea Member. Following issues are electronic versions sent directly to every Safe/Sea Member's email address.

In addition to covering the Rhode Island boating scene, every 32 page issue of Safe/Sea Helpline brings valuable information about what we're doing here at Safe/Sea, membership benefit updates, local marine service updates, and tips for safer boating.

Also included in each issue is our Marina Services List, the most comprehensive list of marine services available in the Rhode Island area. Every local marina is listed, along with their hours of operation, phone number, radio channel, fuel availability, dockage rates and more.