Additional Safe/Sea Member Benefits

Safe/Sea Members get more than "just" free towing!

All the benefits listed below are included in our Safe/Sea Premier boat towing plan. Safe/Sea Courtesy Card Members can participate in the Free Action Boat Photo Program, receive the Safe/Sea Helpline newsletter, and take advantage of our Communications Assistance service.

5¢ per Gallon Fuel Discounts

The fuel discount benefit of your Safe/Sea membership makes it easier than ever to more than make up in savings what you pay for your membership, even without being towed!

25% Transient Dockage Discounts

The Safe/Sea 25% Transient Dockage Discount is now valid at over 30 marinas in Southern New England.

Retail Discounts at marine supply stores

Safe/Sea Members can save money using these exclusive Retail Discounts.

Free Action Photos of your boat underway

The Safe/Sea Free Action Boat Photo Program offers our members the chance to get professional photos of their boat in action.

The Safe/Sea Helpline Newsletter

Our Safe/Sea Helpline newsletter keeps Safe/Sea Members up to date on all the maritime happenings around Rhode Island and frequently includes special offers from local boating-related businesses.

Communications Assistance

Are you going to be late getting back to port? Do you need to call your spouse so they won't worry, but your cell phone is dead? Not a problem, if you're a Safe/Sea Member! Simply hail us on VHF channel 16, we will switch to a working channel to gather more information and then we will contact whomever you'd like by landline.

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Elite Membership


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