Safe/Sea Premier Membership Details

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned cruiser or just getting into the great sport of boating, a Safe/Sea Premier Membership provides the perfect marine towing and assistance coverage for nearly every Rhode Island area boater!

Designed specifically for the Rhode Island boater, Safe/Sea Premier is best suited to boaters that spend the majority of their boating time in Rhode Island Waters, including Narragansett Bay, the Sakonnet River, Mt. Hope Bay, the Taunton River, Rhode Island Sound, and Block Island Sound. If your homeport is in any of these places, Point Judith, or Block Island, Safe/Sea Premier will fit you like a glove!

On-The-Water Towing Benefits

As a Safe/Sea Premier member, you are provided with free towing for your vessel if it becomes disabled, runs out of fuel, or has a dead battery while away from its home dock or mooring. Your vessel will be restarted or towed to its home dock, mooring, or port of your choice in Rhode Island waters when your vessel’s disablement occurs in Rhode Island waters.

If your disablement occurs outside Rhode Island waters, Safe/Sea will arrange and pay for towing service to the nearest safe port from your disablement, up to a maximum limit of $4,000.00 per year.

Official Terms & Conditions of Membership

Towing Benefits

Safe/Sea will provide free towing for a member vessel if it becomes disabled, runs out of fuel, or has a dead battery while away from the member vessel’s home dock or mooring. The member vessel will be restarted or towed to its home dock, mooring, or port of the member’s choice in Rhode Island Waters when the member vessel’s disablement occurs in Rhode Island Waters.

Rhode Island Waters are defined as Narragansett Bay (including Mt. Hope Bay, the Providence River, Sakonnet River, Seekonk River, and Taunton River), a 25 nautical mile radius of Beavertail Point, RI, and up to 25 nautical miles south of Block Island, RI.

If a member’s vessel becomes disabled outside the above defined waters, Safe/Sea will arrange and pay for towing service to the nearest safe port if commercial service is available within 25 nautical miles of the member vessel’s disablement. This coverage applies only if the member vessel or her operator contacts Safe/Sea and is authorized by Safe/Sea to accept service from a commercial service other than Safe/Sea. This out-of-area coverage is for up to $4,000.00 per year with no per incident limit.

One vessel is covered per membership. Membership is activated 24 hours after payment is received by Safe/Sea unless other arrangements are made.

Trailer Aid Upgrade: In addition to the towing benefits above, Safe/Sea will reimburse up to $150 of roadside assistance costs provided to a boat trailer owned by any member who has added the Trailer Aid upgrade to their membership. A copy of the paid invoice is required for reimbursement.

Elite Upgrade: In addition to the towing benefits above, Safe/Sea will provide service from the member’s home dock or mooring for the purpose of repair. The member vessel will be restarted or towed to the dock or mooring of the member’s choice within 20 nautical miles. There is a 30-day waiting period between purchase of the Elite Upgrade and activation of the home dock service benefit. The Trailer Aid Upgrade is included as part of the Elite Upgrade.


Safe/Sea membership does not cover service provided at the member vessel’s home dock or mooring unless the member vessel is covered by an Elite Upgrade.

Safe/Sea membership does not cover fuel delivery at the member vessel’s home dock or mooring.

Commercial vessels and vessels over 50 feet in length are not covered, except by special programs. Call us for details.

Disablements pre-dating membership are not covered.

Safe/Sea membership does not cover the cost of any fuel or other consumables delivered to member vessels.

Safe/Sea membership does not provide free towing when the member vessel is damaged and that damage is covered by the member vessel’s hull insurance. In such a circumstance, the member agrees to submit Safe/Sea’s towing invoice (based on Safe/Sea’s customary rates) to the member vessel’s insurer, and pay any recovery from the insurer relating to the towing service directly to Safe/Sea.

Safe/Sea membership does not cover the salvage of member vessels. Salvage is normally covered by your vessel’s hull insurance policy. Salvage is defined as any situation in which a vessel is in danger or foreseeable danger of loss in whole or part. Examples of Salvage situations include, but are not limited to vessels that are sunk, burning, taking on water, aground, beached, and unmanned vessels running free.


Safe/Sea reserves the right to terminate the membership of any vessel at any time for any reason. Termination is effective immediately upon written or verbal notice given to the owner or operator of the member vessel by a representative of Safe/Sea, except if the member vessel is underway, in which case termination of membership is effective upon the member vessel reaching safe port. Safe/Sea will refund any unused portion of the terminated member’s membership fee.

At its sole discretion, Safe/Sea reserves the right to decline to provide service due to weather conditions or safety concerns. Due to winter weather safety concerns, service is not available north of Norfolk, VA from December 1st through April 1st.

Available Enhancements

Elite Upgrade

The Elite Upgrade adds the following benefits to any Safe/Sea Premier Membership:

  • Free towing from your home dock or mooring to any haul-out or repair facility within the Safe/Sea coverage area, up to 20 nautical miles.
  • Free Trailer Aid coverage.
  • (Elite members with more than one covered vessel must provide proof of ownership of all vessels upon request).

Trailer Aid

Trailer Aid provides for up to $150 in reimbursement for roadside assistance services provided to your boat trailer. If there is a problem with your trailer, simply have the necessary services performed and provide Safe/Sea with a receipt. We will reimburse you up to $150 for the services provided.


When you enroll in the Safe/Sea Automatic Renewal Program, you lock-in the current membership price for a three year duration. You will not be subject to future price increases for your Safe/Sea membership for the next three years as long as you remain enrolled in this program.

In addition, you never have to remember to renew your membership! We will automatically charge the credit card that you provide 30 days prior to your yearly expiration date, ensuring that your membership remains in force. When your automatic renewal is charged, we add a full 365 days to your current expiration date, so you DO NOT lose any of the time for which you have paid!

Already have limited towing coverage on your boat insurance?

Call us at 401-295-8711 to find out what we can do to custom-fit a plan to your needs!

Money-Saving Benefits

In addition to the great free towing benefits included with your membership, you can save more than you pay for your annual membership by using these great discounts.

Our 5¢ per gallon Fuel Discount Program lets Safe/Sea Members save on what has become one of the biggest expenses in boating: fuel. Using your discount is just as easy as it is to use any of your other Safe/Sea benefits. Simply pull up to a participating fuel dock, present your valid Safe/Sea membership card, and ask for your 5 cent per gallon discount. It is up to each individual participating fuel dock whether or not they will allow the discount on credit purchases. Cash purchases should be eligible for the discount at all participating fuel docks.


Our 25% Transient Dockage Discount Program offers Safe/Sea Members another great way to save money while boating. To use your 25% Transient Dockage Discount, simply present your Safe/Sea membership card when you check in at any participating marina and ask for your discount. Remember, you cannot claim the discount if you are arriving with reservations; it is valid only on a space-available basis. Also, it is not valid for seasonal dockage; nightly transient dockage is the only type of charge affected by the 25% Dockage Discount Program. Nevertheless, if you ever stay overnight at a marina while cruising, this benefit can save you tons of money!


As a Safe/Sea member, you can even save money on retail boating supplies. Newport Nautical Supply offers a permanent 10% discount to all Safe/Sea Members, and other boating retailers offer periodic discounts to our members during the year.

More Benefits to Enhance Your Boating Lifestyle

The Safe/Sea Free Action Boat Photo Program offers our members a great way show off their pride & joy! Every year, Safe/Sea holds 1 or 2 free photo sessions for members to have photos taken of their boats while underway by a professional photographer.


Our Safe/Sea Helpline Newsletter is published periodically to keep our members informed about what's happening on the Rhode Island boating scene. Each issue contains local boating news, information about your Safe/Sea Membership, and usually some special offers from local marine businesses.


Are you going to be late getting back to port? Do you need to call your spouse so they won't worry, but your cell phone is dead? Not a problem, if you're a Safe/Sea Member! Just call our Dispatch Center on the radio and we'll make the call for you.

How to Join

Follow this link to join Safe/Sea and complete your purchase online. You may also call us at 401-295-8711 .