When choosing a marine assistance provider, the most important question you should ask yourself is, "If I need help on the water, who is going to be ready when I need them?" Look closely at the company, the equipment, the staff, and most importantly, the services that will be provided should you need assistance. We're confident that Safe/Sea will exceed both your expectations and our competition's claims.

*Coverage begins 24 hours after joining and covers the listed vessel for 1 full calendar year.


Safe/Sea is Rhode Island's oldest and most experienced marine assistance company. We have been locally owned and operated by the same family for our entire history, over 30 years. Our owners and captains have served on national boards and committees and were founding members of C-PORT, the National Trade Association for the Marine Assistance Industry. When it comes to our business of helping recreational boaters, we have been here from the very beginning, setting the standard that all other companies, nationwide, have attempted to follow.

The Safe/Sea Fleet

Our fleet of six rescue towboats has been custom designed and built to our exacting standards to provide boaters with the quickest, safest, and most effective assistance services possible. All of our vessels are independently inspected and certified through the Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing (ACAPT) program, which is recognized by the US Coast Guard as the standard for professional marine assistance services.

Safe/Sea is the only marine assistance company in Rhode Island that is ACAPT accredited.

With six vessels at our disposal, Safe/Sea is able to provide the best coverage and availability to Rhode Island area boaters. We are the only company to keep vessels on station in Narragansett Bay, Point Judith, and Block Island. As a Safe/Sea member, you can rest assured that our fleet is ready and able should you ever need our help.

The Safe/Sea Staff

All the top-notch equipment in the world won't do you a bit of good in our business unless there's a fully qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff to put it to work. At Safe/Sea, we believe that staff training is a continuous process, and we work tirelessly to hone our employees' problem solving skills; after all, our mission is to solve problems for our customers.

Our Captains have over one hundred years of combined experience in the marine assistance industry, and each has personally conducted thousands of tows. Our Senior Staff Captains are true professionals, provided with year-round employment, full benefits and retirement plans so they can concentrate on being the very best at their craft. With one of our captains at the helm, you can be sure that your journey home and into the dock will be trouble and stress free.

Don't Settle For Less!

Other companies may advertise the same service for less money, but upon closer inspection, their claim simply doesn't hold water. All national marine assistance networks and well-respected local assistance companies charge roughly the same yearly fee. They all know how much it takes to run a professional, qualified, and well-equipped marine assistance business. So how does the cheap operator provide the "same service for less?" Actually, the answer is pretty simple.

They don't provide the same service!

Just a cursory reading of their terms of membership tells the story. Their coverage area is significantly smaller. Their membership includes no out-of-area coverage. Their fleet is as cheap as their membership.

As one of the nation's premier towing and assistance companies, Safe/Sea stands behind our membership, our captains, and our services. Should you ever experience a problem, you have our 30 year history as evidence that we will live up to our responsibilities, while others specifically deny all liability for any property damage or physical harm that occurs during the course of their service. How's that for peace of mind on the water?

Professional Towing is Expensive!

Professional towing rates can range from $200 to $400 per hour, including not only the time spent with you, but also the time traveled from and back to the rescue boat's home dock. Based on these rates, it's easy to see how a simple tow inside Narragansett Bay can quickly reach $1000 or more. Without the free on-the-water towing provided by a Safe/Sea membership, this cost will have to come directly out of your pocket!

Amateur Towing is Unsafe

Another reason you need a Safe/Sea towing membership is not quite so obvious as the first, but probably even more important; safety. While it's nice to think that just any passing boater is able to give you a quick drag back to the dock should you break down, the average boater just doesn't have the knowledge, experience, or equipment to tow another into a busy harbor and put them to the dock safely. Safe/Sea does, and provides our members with the service they need free of charge.