Safe/Sea Boat Maintenance Tips


Corrosion: Problems & Solutions

Corrosion is a common cause for many on-the-water disablements. Whether on the engine, the battery, or any other part, a little corrosion can spell out big problems when on the water.  Here are some common problems and some tips from Safe/Sea Fleet Manager, Capt. Andy Casey.

Winterizing Your Engine

Engines don’t like to be idle, even for three or four months during the winter. Aside from changing the oil regularly, winterizing your engine properly is one of the best ways to assure its mechanical well being.


Tips For Winterizing Your Boat

According to one industry expert, three times as many boat hulls are damaged by mishandling ashore than are damaged by accidents in the water. Some of the boats, like the ones in Illinois, are damaged suddenly when jack stands fail or when they tumble from a travel lift or are blown over in windstorms.

Environmentally Friendly Engine Maintenance

It is not infrequently that we see a small fuel sheen on the water surface near boats. Although it may be only a tiny amount from some boats, the cumulative impacts can be devastating. Once in the marine environment, oils and fuels have a tendency to accumulate in bottom sediments and concentrate in marine organisms. These harmful substances commonly enter the marine environment through improper engine maintenance techniques and waste fluids disposal practices.