Corrosion: Problems and Solutions

Corrosion is a common cause for many on-the-water disablements. Whether on the engine, the battery, or any other part, a little corrosion can spell out big problems when on the water.
Many of our captains have been called out on the water for a boat with a dead engine or dead battery. Once on scene, they've only had to scrape off a little white powdery residue to send the disabled boater on their way.  Though the pictures are of a worst case scenario, corrosion can eventually get this bad.

Some tips to help prevent corrosion:

• Though wing nuts on batteries may work fine on your car or truck, they are not right for the marine environment. On the boat, nuts and lock washers should hold your battery terminals in place.
•If you see a little corrosion forming, take a steel wire brush to the surface and clean it off.
•After a thorough cleaning with a wire brush, a product like WD-40 can disperse moisture from the battery connections. Though WD-40 works well, we recommend a product like CRC Corrosion Inhibitor or Boeshield T-9 as these will not dry out and will keep the area corrosion-free longer.