Cruising Guide: Wickford

Wickford is a small village in the township of North Kingstown, Rhode Island named after Wickford in Essex, England. It was colonized in the early 1700’s and its historic homes, churches, gardens, and picturesqueharbor offer us a glimpse of our nation's early history. In addition to being the home base of Safe/Sea, Wickford offers plenty of other novelties. For starters, Wickford was previous home to painter Gilbert Stuart in 1755, and now houses the Gilbert Stuart Museum.

Cruising Guide: Newport

One of the greatest draws to Newport, Rhode Island is its mixture of historic scenery and contemporary entertainment. Years ago, Newport’s colonial maritime lifestyle linked it with pirates, trade-merchants, and aristocratic families visiting its shores for a variety of wealth-related reasons.  In the late 17th Century, moving to the early18th Century, the pirating phase of Newport’s life was overtaken by its irresistible draw as a bustling trade center.