Safe/Sea Salvage Cases


Salvage of the M/V Gold Fish

At about 2100 hours on August 12, 2006 the M/V Gold Fish, a 28-foot Albin, ran into the west breakwater inside the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge at high speed. Safe/Sea's Captain Don Johnson was immediately sortied aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Point Judith by the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center, and arrived on scene with the M/V Gold Fish at the same time as Coast Guard personnel from Station Point Judith.


Salvage of the M/V Hardshell

At approximately 1500 hours on April 16, 2007, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center received a call from the owner of a 26 foot Thomas landing craft, sunk at its mooring just south of Sandy Point, Prudence Island. Safe/Sea immediately sortied a vessel to the location of the casualty to assess the situation. Upon arriving on scene, the landing craft was observed to be almost completely sunk, with only the bow visible above the water.


Salvage of the S/V Andiamo

At approximately 1600 hours on May 4, 2007, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center received a call from the S/V Andiamo. The Captain of the Andiamo explained that the mast and rigging of his 28 foot Sabre sailboat had failed while underway and was hanging over the side of the vessel. The M/V Safe/Sea Salvor was immediately dispatched with Captains Peter Andrews and Phil LeBlanc aboard.


Salvage of the M/V Miller Time

On July 16th, 2007 at approximately 0752 hours, a distress call was received in the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center. There was a report that the vessel "Miller Time" was taking on water and going down quickly.


Salvage of the S/V Pilgrim

On Labor Day, 2007, an emergency call came in to the Safe/Sea Response Center from the S/V Pilgrim. The S/V Pilgrim, a 44-foot LOA Alden sailboat, was dismasted off Misquamicut, RI. The casualty was in serious danger of further damage and perhaps penetration of the hull.


Salvage of the S/V Eagle Light

The sailing vessel Eagle Light ran aground just north of the entrance to Great Salt Pond, Block Island at approximately 2130 hours on August 19, 1995. She was unable to free herself from the strand about 200 feet from shore.


Salvage of the S/V Sanctuary

On October 29, 2006, in the midst of an early fall storm, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center received a phone call. It was approximately 0910 hours and an employee of Dutch Harbor Marina called Safe/Sea to inform us that one of their boats had broken free of her mooring and was now going through the mooring field.


Salvage of the S/V Orinoco & S/V Cirrus

While Safe/Sea crews were patrolling other harbors on October 28, 2006, S/V Cirrus and S/V Orinoco broke free from their moorings and were grounded ashore in Dutch Harbor. Soon after sunrise the next morning, Captain Pete Andrews and deckhand Nicholas LeBlanc went out to Dutch Harbor to take a look at these two vessels.


Salvage of the M/V Skyz The Limit

On July 8th 2005, at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon, Captain DougGould, aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Block Island, overheard a report of avessel on the rocks over VHF channel 12. The M/V Skyz The Limit, a 2003 32 foot Sea Ray express cruiser, was aground on rocks approximately one-quarter mile west of Champlin’s Marina in Great Salt Pond, Block Island.


Salvage of the S/V Martina Mia

On October 22, 1988, Owner Higham was advised by a neighbor that his boat was going by his neighbor's house. Higham got up, dressed, and went down to the pier at inner Wickford Cove, where he found his boat already there. The weather was now down to about 25 m.p.h.


Salvage of the S/V Amorita

During the Museum of Yachting’s Robert H. Tiedemann Classic Yacht Regatta on July 7th, 2007, the Amorita was involved in a collision. While approaching a mark, the Amorita, along with another New York Thirty Alera, were struck from behind by Sumurun, a 94 foot classic ketch. As a result, Amorita was hit amidships by Sumurun, and sank immediately in 55 feet of water off Beavertail Point at the entrance to Narragansett Bay.


Salvage of the M/V Sea Flat

In the early hours of August 18, 2007, a brief but very strong storm blew through the Rhode Island and adjacent offshore areas. The resulting unexpected winds took many boaters and their boats by surprise. In Block Island, many boats dragged their anchor, running free through the harbor and colliding into other boats. Two large express cruisers ended up on the beach and one boat was sunk at its mooring. While the storm was wreaking havoc in Block Island, it was also causing trouble in the Bay.


Salvage of the S/V Talaria

An early fall storm wreaked havoc on the Southern New England coast on the weekend of October 28, 2006. As expected, Safe/Sea made preparations for regular patrols of area harbors for boats dragging their mooring or breaking free altogether.

Following patrols in the area immediately surrounding Conanicut Marina, Safe/Sea received reports of boats breaking free in Bristol Harbor. A crew of three, aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Newport, made their way from the southeast side of Jamestown to Bristol Harbor.


Salvage of the S/V Shillelagh

From Captain Douglas Gould's operation report:

"On 31 July 2004, I was on patrol aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Block Island inside the Great Salt Pond of Block Island. At approximately 1600, I intercepted a radio call on VHF CH16 reporting a vessel fire in the Great Salt Pond. The location was given as “just north of the Black Pearl.” The 40 knot top speed of the Safe/Sea Block Island allowed me to arrive on scene in less than two minutes. I arrived at the same time as the USCG 27’ rescue boat from USCG Sta. Block Island..."


Salvage of the M/V Mama Katia

At approximately 1100 hours on April 11, 2005, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center received a call from the M/V Mama Katia, a 40 foot Silverton. The M/V Mama Katia had run aground on Spar Island in Mount Hope Bay the previous night and needed to be removed. Captains Phil LeBlanc and Andy Casey sortied in the M/V Safe/Sea Block Island with an insurance adjustor and arrived on scene at 1400 hours. After surveying the condition of the vessel and its position at low tide, it was decided to attempt the re-float at high tide that night.


Salvage of the S/V Panama Red

On August 27, 2007, Captain Doug Gould, manning the Block Island Salvage Station, received a report of a vessel on fire in New Harbor. Captain Gould was on scene within ten minutes. When he arrived on scene, Captain Gould observed very heavy smoke coming from the cockpit area of the vessel.