Salvage of the S/V Eagle Light

The sailing vessel Eagle Light ran aground just north of the entrance to Great Salt Pond, Block Island at approximately 2130 hours on August 19, 1995. She was unable to free herself from the strand about 200 feet from shore.

She was salvaged by Safe/Sea Captain Pete Andrews aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Salvor shortly thereafter and safely delivered to her mooring in Great Salt Pond. The vessel used in this case was the original Safe/Sea Salvor, a 26' Dusky with twin 240hp fixed-screw diesels. She was Safe/Sea's primary Block Island responder from 1988-1996. Her photo appears above.

Unfortunately, a disagreeable insurance company forced us to sue to receive compensation. The case was heard and judgement rendered by The Honorable Gerard L. Goettel, Senior U.S.District Judge on April 3, 1997 in US District Court for the District of Connecticut.