Salvage of the M/V Miller Time

On July 16th of this year at approximately 0752 hours, a distress call was received in the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center. There was a report that the vessel "Miller Time" was taking on water and going down quickly.

Captain Peter Andrews was dispatched immediately in the M/V Safe/Sea Salvor and arrived on scene with the sinking vessel at about 0822 hours. Even though the M/V Salvor got Capt. Andrews to the scene quickly, the vessels swim platform was already underwater when he arrived. Capt. Andrews immediately began to pump out the 35-foot express cruiser.

Soon after Capt. Andrews was dispatched in the M/V Safe/Sea Salvor, Capt. Andy Casey was dispatched aboard the M/V Safe/Sea Newport. At approximately 0845, Capt. Casey arrived on scene with Capt. Andrews and the M/V "Miller Time." Capt. Casey immediately dove on the damaged vessel and began to make repairs in an effort to stop or at least slow down the flow of water into the vessel.

Upon completing an underwater inspection and making some temporary repairs, the vessel was towed to safe port where it was hauled out of the water for additional inspection and a more permanent repair.

After the boat was safely on land, Safe/Sea learned that the vessel had struck a rock in Narragansett Bay. When the vessel struck the rock, as you can see in the picture above, the force of the collision heavily damaged the propellor, snapped the rudder from its pad, and broke the strut pad free of the surrounding hull. Please watch the YouTube Video below to get a view of the damage for yourself!