Salvage of the S/V Sanctuary

On October 29, 2006, in the midst of an early fall storm, the Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center received a phone call. It was approximately 0910 hours and an employee of Dutch Harbor Marina called Safe/Sea to inform us that one of their boats had broken free of her mooring and was now going through the mooring field.

Captains Peter Andrews & Philippe LeBlanc were immediately sent to Dutch Harbor aboard the M/V Salvor. The M/V Salvor made her way to Dutch Harbor in sustained 40 knot winds and heavy seas at a speed of about 40 knots.

The M/V Salvor with Captains Andrews & LeBlanc arrived on scene in Dutch Harbor to find the S/V Sanctuary, a 34-foot Beneteau sailboat. At the time they arrived, the S/V Sanctuary was so close to shore that she was in the surf line of breaking waves and was still sailing under "bare poles" at a speed of about 4 knots towards the combination of rocks and sand that make up the shore.

Captain Andrews, at the controls of M/V Salvor, piloted her at 40 knots directly towards the casualty. While approaching the drifting vessel at full speed, Captain Andrews manipulated the Salvor's hydraulic bucket system to land the M/V Salvor alongside the S/V Sanctuary. Within seconds, the M/V Salvor approaced the casualty at full speed, spun in her own length along side the casualty, and stopped within inches of the adrift vessel.

Once along side, Captain LeBlanc boarded the Sanctuary, attached a bridal to her front cleats and began to inspect and secure the vessel while Captain Andrews towed her from danger and rigged her for the journey back to Wickford where she would be placed in a secure slip.

S/V Sanctuary was secured at Brewer's Wickford Cove Marina at 1053 hours.