Salvage of the M/V Sea Flat

In the early hours of August 18, 2007, a brief but very strong storm blew through the Rhode Island and adjacent offshore areas. The resulting unexpected winds took many boaters and their boats by surprise. In Block Island, many boats dragged their anchor, running free through the harbor colliding into other boats. Two large express cruisers ended up on the beach and one boat was sunk at its mooring. While the storm was wreaking havoc in Block Island, it was also causing trouble in the Bay.

Off of Third Beach in Newport was a 50-foot Ocean Alexander trawler named "Sea Flat." The owners of this vessel, on their way down the intercoastal, stopped in Newport and securely anchored their vessel. When this strong squall passed overhead, the winds began to quickly spin their vessel over 90 degrees in each direction.

After being spun almost 180 degrees, a large gust came and caused the Sea Flat's anchor to trip. By the time the owners were able to get to the wheelhouse, start the vessel, and attempt to recover the vessel, it was already on the rocks.

Safe/Sea received the call at about 0410 and we had a crew and all necessary equipment on scene less than two hours later. After some very careful pulling, the M/V Sea Flat was refloated at 0822. She was then towed to Brewer's Wickford Cove Marina and hauled out of the water at 1256 for repairs.